The NCRI members who sent message of congratulations include national champion Moslim Iskandar Filabi, Ms. Mahin Meshkinfam, and Messrs. Reza Olia, Hossein Farshid and Ibrahim Mazandarani.

Mr. Moslim Iskandar Filabi and Ms. Mahin Meshkinfam, in a joint statement, said: “This great victory was not achieved easily. In the past 14 years, the tireless efforts of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and perseverance of the PMOI (MEK) members as well as daily struggle of the PMOI (MEK) supporters around the world took apart the Iranian regime’s conspiracies and plots. Finally, honor prevailed over dishonor, patriotism over treason, and law over lawlessness. No doubt this victory will go forward until freedom in Iran and peace in the region are achieved.”

Reza Olia said: “Congratulations on the auspicious and great victory of the Resistance and PMOI (MEK) heroes” and made a beautiful painting to illustrate their victory.

Mr. Hossein Farshid’s message stated: “No doubt Iran’s history will talk about this victory forever and remember it as an example of the victory of self-sacrificing heroes over criminal dictators. Salute and greetings of the Iranian people and all freedom-loving people in the world to you the Mojahed (MEK) heroes. The impossible become possible. The anti-human mullahs’ regime received a major strategic blow and the Iranian Resistance harvested a qualitative leap towards the overthrow of the ruling clerics.”

Ibrahim Mazandarani’s message on behalf of the Monotheistic Trades Association was: “There is no doubt that with this victory we have reached a new phase of our human, national and revolutionary responsibilities. Undoubtedly, the morning of victory is near and we must continue the path with all our might all the way. I have no doubt that someday people of Iran will throw flowers at your feet and we will sing the anthem of victory at the tomb of our martyrs in Khavaran and elsewhere.”

Hossein Jahansouz pointed out that the successful and “victorious” relocation of the PMOI (MEK) is another step that towards regime change in Iran. Hossein Saidian sent his congratulations on the “triumphant relocation project” and affirmed that the PMOI (MEK) will certainly continue in the struggle for freedom and democracy for the Iranian people. Hamidreza Taherzadeh said that the MEK relocation is the “dawn of beginning of the end of Iran regime” and is a “victory of Iranian people’s just resistance”.

Hamid Azimi also offered his congratulations on the successful relocation of PMOI (MEK) and stated that the Iranian people with their organized resistance “will witness more wins”.

Emphasising the perseverance of the PMOI (MEK) during these fourteen years, Bahram Maveddat and Firouzeh Ojagh congratulated all those who have supported the PMOI (MEK) in the steps that have led to this successful relocation. 

Manshour Varasteh who paid tribute to the martyrs of the resistance and PMOI (MEK) said that the most important victory of Iranian resistance has been achieved and that “the end of religious fascism is closer than ever”.