During meetings held to commemorate Naim Frashëri, the the nineteenth century Albanian poet, on March 5th and 6th in Tehran, known mercenary Ebrahim Khodabandeh, was brought in as a representative of the Nejat Association, the Ministry of Intelligence Branch, and spoke with Albanian participants claiming “security threats” by the MEK to the “Balkans, and in particular Albania” and made allegation that their children were “being captive” in the hands of the MEK, and called for “facilitating the travel of families to Albania to meet their loved ones.”

According to Ministry of Intelligence sites, on March 6th, a number of Albanian people were taken to the Nejat Association, and met for a full day with a number of other mercenaries from the Ministry of Intelligence under the name of the family members of the MEK, who made similar allegations against the MEK.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) say in an article published on March 14th, that “Khodabandeh, who has been hired by the Ministry of Intelligence since 15 years ago, was threatening MEK families to cooperate with the Ministry of Intelligence against their children before the transfer of Mojahedin to Albania. He traveled frequently to Iraq in those years to encourage Iranian and Iraqi mercenaries to exert pressure on the MEK in Iraq.”

In its statement on November 27, 2014, the Secretariat of the NCRI described the mission of Nejat Association against the MEK in Iraq, saying, “The Ministry of Intelligence dispatched a number of its well-known agents such as Ebrahim Khodabandeh to Iraq to meet with regime’s Iraqi elements and its ambassador Danaifar to pave the way for this demonizing campaign…in a meeting with Ebrahim Khodabandeh at the regime’s embassy in Baghdad on October 16, Danaifar ‘promised to continue with his endeavors to establish contact between captive members of Rajavi sect and their families and to use the full capacity of the embassy of the Islamic republic of Iran in Iraq for this purpose’.”

The Iranian Resistance has published the documents and details of Ebrahim Khodabandeh, his brother, and his brother’s wife, several times. The December 2012 report by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress and the Pentagon described how these three people became the mercenaries of the MOIS.

The NCRI’s Security and Counterterrorism Committee said in a statement dated February 5, 2018, that Mostafa Roodaki, a veteran member of the clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, “was sent to Albania as the first secretary of the embassy in order to plot against the MEK, adding that two branches of the Ministry of Intelligence, the Habilian Center and the Didehban (Observatory) Institute, have become active in Albania under the cover of cultural and press activities to facilitate Roodaki’s work.” The statement added, “Mullah Ahmad Hosseini Alast, the cultural attaché of the regime’s embassy in Albania, is also involved in the plotting of the regime in Albania and other Balkan countries. He is the representative of the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization affiliated with Khamenei’s office.”

It appears that the purpose this intelligence is to endanger the security of members of the MEK in Albania. Therefore, the Iranian resistance has urged the Albanian government not to allow these mercenaries to meddle in the country and plot against Iranian refugees.

In fact, according to the EU Council Resolution of April 1997, all intelligence officers of the Iranian regime should be expelled from these countries, as stipulated.