During the clashes a number of protesters were wounded. The number of wounded in Koyeh Modares and Vali-Abad were higher. A gas station, a gas pumping station, and a bank were put on fire.

In Koyeh Modares, in front of the Governor’s Office there were heavy clashes between the infuriated protesters and suppressive forces and the sound of gun shots filled the area. The suppressive forces fired tear gas into the crowd.

armed clashes between people and suppressive forces in some areas has been reported.

During the Thursday, February 13 protest, People of Dezful got into clashes with suppressive forces and chanted “down with Khamenei”, and “down with Rouhani”. At least 30 of the young people who took part in demonstrations were arrested.

The suppressive forces shut down entrance and exit of a number of areas including Mohajerin and Siyah Mansour in fear of the spread of the demonstration.

On Friday February 14 evening, people of Dezful shut down the Dezful-Shooshtar road for several hours. People took control of this road until late midnight. The suppressive forcers arrested more than 70 of the protestors on Friday. The arrests added to people’s outrage. The situation in Dezful is tense.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

February 15, 2014