The NCRI is a political coalition that represents all of Iran’s religious, ethnic, and political groups proportionately. More than half of the NCRI’s membership is comprised of women.

The NCRI values democratic pluralism, universal suffrage, and freedom of expression. It seeks to end the repression and suffering of the Iranian people under the tyrannical rule of the Iranian regime. The NCRI opposes the death penalty and supports nuclear disarmament and the establishment of an independent judiciary, along with separation of church and state in government.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the NCRI, is strongly opposed to the Iranian regime and challenges its policies in all spheres of life. She has publicly endorsed the protests against the regime and continues to do so, and she continually presses for the regime to be held accountable for its past transgressions toward its own people.

The regime has made numerous attempts to discredit the NCRI and the MEK, which is its largest member, spending millions of dollars. The regime has targeted Maryam Rajavi, the group’s leader, specifically. These attempts are proof of the strength of the organization.

The regime considers the NCRI, Maryam Rajavi, and the MEK as threats to their very existence. As such, they have spent considerable political capital in attempts to prevent them from receiving international support. The regime has pressured governments to restrict the NCRI and the MEK’s activities abroad, most recently in President Rouhani’s failed attempt to coerce French President Emmanuel Macron to take action against MEK members in Paris. The regime also tries to portray the NCRI as a group of exiles with little support within Iran. The portrait painted by the regime is laughably false.

The truth is that the NCRI is fully compliant with all international obligations and United Nations conventions. And while the regime claims the NCRI and the MEK enjoy little support within Iran, the Supreme Leader and his regime publicly acknowledged the role of the NCRI and MEK in organizing the uprisings currently taking place across Iran.

Last December, a wave of protests began in Iran that quickly spread to 140 cities across the country and brought Iranians from all sectors of society into the streets. The protests, which were organized by the NCRI and the MEK, made it very clear that the organizations enjoyed wide support from every segment of the Iranian population, contrary to the propaganda spread by the mullahs.

Despite the concerted efforts of the regime, the NCRI has broad support from the international community. Parliaments from a number of countries have publicly endorsed the NCRI’s goals and objectives, as have government officials and church leaders. Notable supporters of the NCRI include John Bolton, Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, and Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, among others.

As protests in Iran continue to multiply and intensify, the regime’s claim to power is looking more and more tenuous. If the people were to overthrow their tyrannical government, the only democratic organization in the position to take over governance would be the NCRI.

Fortunately, the NCRI has a template for Iran’s transition to democracy. Its ten-point plan lays out the new governing bodies and nominates the provisional government. The plans would act as a mechanism to maintain order during the transition and prevent the country from descending into chaos after the fall of the regime. The plan would ensure a peaceful transition to a democracy.

In addition, the NCRI has plans to establish Kurdish autonomy and provide religious and political freedom. It also plans to restore to women and ethnic minorities the rights which have been cast aside by the theocratic regime. These changes would address the social and political issues that have led to the breakdown of social and political cohesion in Iran.

The regime’s reign of terror is at its close. The NCRI is the only organization with the domestic and international support necessary to welcome a new era of freedom and democracy to Iran. It has a working plan and the authority to bring about the change needed for a free Iran.