Maryam Rajavi has led the Iranian Resistance for 26 years and gained the support of some of the most celebrated political, social and military personalities in the world. She has also achieved major victories for the Resistance in terms of how they are seen around the world.

First, Maryam Rajavi led a campaign to remove the Iranian Resistance for terror lists in Europe and the US, where they were wrongfully put in an attempt to appease the mullahs. This 15-year-long legal battle led to the removal of the Resistance from all terrorist lists by September 2012.

Maryam Rajavi also launched a 14-year campaign to protect the 3,000 unarmed Resistance members of MEK in Iraq’s Camp Ashraf and Liberty, who were subjected to hundreds of ground and missile attacks by the Iranian regime, which resulted in the deaths of 100 Resistance members and the wounding of 1,000. Her campaign resulted in the safe relocation of all surviving members in 2016.

Maryam Rajavi has also called on the Iranian people to join the justice-seeking movement for victims of the 1988 massacre in Iran, which demands a list of the victims and the mass graves they were buried in, as well as a list of all those responsible. This movement has even forced the regime’s leaders to admit to their role in this crime against humanity after 30 years of silence.


  At the end of 2017, the Iranian people began a major nationwide anti-regime protest that has continued ever since, with numerous protests by workers, students, teachers, retirees, and government employees. Most recently, the workers of Azarab in Arak have staged extensive protests over not receiving their wages for several months and the people of Lordegan held angry protests after being infected with HIV by health workers using dirty needles.

During these protests, encouraged by Maryam Rajavi, women’s participation in protests tripled from 486 to 1500 in just one year. Even the Regime has admitted how much these protests affect them.

Regime change in on the horizon, something that would never have been accomplished if the Resistance didn’t prioritize gender equality. Therefore, Maryam Rajavi is responsible for initiating and leading this revolution.


Maryam Rajavi was elected as President of the NCRI on October 22, 1993. Her role is not only to lead the Iranian people and their Resistance forces to certain victory over the despotic mullahs ruling Iran but also to serve as the President of Iran for the six-month transitional period between the fall of the Iranian Regime and democratic election of a National Assembly in a free and fair vote.

Maryam Rajavi is the face of a movement that opposes everything the mullahs stand for and of a future free Iran, but she is especially hated by the misogynistic mullahs because her election kicked off the Iranian Resistance’s strategic, cultural, political, and ideological campaign that will soon see the end of the clerical regime.

The mullahs hate Maryam Rajavi not just because of what she stands for, but also because she is a woman and the Regime hates women.