On August 28, in an interview with Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)–linked TV Afagh, Hossain Sheikholeslam, former deputy of the regime’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, “We certainly help Houthis. This is our duty. Even Israel knows that our backed resistance movement have 150,000 missiles and they are ready to shoot them when we order.”

Sheikholeslam also confirmed the hostile action of the Iranian regime in downing a U.S. drone in the Persian Gulf and said, “The Supreme Leader gave his personal ring to the person who pulled the trigger and downed the U.S. drone.”

In addition, in a seminar held on Thursday August 29, the commander of IRGC aerospace admitted, “When the Supreme Leader said Britain’s act [seizing regime’s oil tanker in Gibraltar] won’t be unanswered, 48 hours after, we seized a British tanker. We downed the U.S. drone and avoided war. All of these happened under the Supreme Leader’s supervision and with his advices.”

These comments once again confirm regime’s institutionalized terrorism and that all the regime’s officials are directly involved in the terrorism and warmongering policies of the “number one state sponsor of terrorism” as the U.S. president Donald Trump once again confirmed in his press conference during the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, in August 2019.