He suppressed the will of the people both before and during the Arab Spring, clung desperately to power during a seven-year-long civil war (helped massively by Iran), and has shown no hesitation to use chemical weapons against unarmed civilians, including children, in order to crush the Syrian Resistance.

Following his latest chemical attack, which killed at least 70 people and injured dozens more, the US, the UK, and France coordinated a missiles strike on three sites that are crucial to Assad’s chemical weapons use.

While explaining the need for these strikes, Donald Trump called out the Iranian Regime for their continued support of the Syrian Regime and probable role in orchestrating the chemical attack.
He said: “What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women, and children?”

Well clearly, the Iranian Regime is happy to be associated with it and perhaps even plan it themselves. After all, they’ve spent nearly 40 years causing death and destruction around the globe through their support of terrorist cells, incitement of sectarian violence, and proxy wars. Why should now be any different?

This was clearly acknowledged by Saudi King Salman at a recent summit of Arab leaders.

He said: “We renew our strong condemnation of terrorist acts carried out by Iran in the Arab region, and we reject its blatant interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries.”

Saudi Arabia, who leads many Arab nations in efforts to condemn and contain the Iranian Regime, had previously expressed support for the strikes against Syria.

These missile strikes were about more than just eradicating chemical stockpiles; it speaks to the US’s wider plan for countering the Iranian Regime and allowing the people of the Middle East to be free.

Iran Lobby

If you’re wondering how the Iran Regime’s apologists in the US responded to the joint attack on Syria’s chemical weapons facilities, it’s exactly what you’re imagining.

In a statement, the National Iranian American Council’s research director Reza Marashi said that Trump and his European allies were wrong to attack Syria because it would trigger “retaliation” from the Iranian and Russian forces “closely embedded with the Syrian government” and hamper efforts to “de-escalate the conflict”.

In this statement, he seems to be putting across the idea that the deeply embedded Iranian and Russian forces had nothing to do with the chemical weapons attacks and shouldn’t be punished for it. This is ridiculous, even for the NIAC. What are they doing there if they aren’t responsible?

Surely Marashi should have denounced Assad and called on the Iranian Regime to de-escalate the conflict by stopping Syria from using the weapons again. But, no.

He calls out the international community for failing to solve the Syrian conflict through diplomatic means; even though Iran is the key opponent to that by ploughing billions of dollars into terrorist proxies to fight on Assad’s behalf.

The NIAC is selling fake news. Don’t buy it.