The article published in state-run Tabnak website on 8 February 2017 partially reads: 

“After Donald trump took office, the international order and consequently the foreign policy of the countries are confronted with a new phenomenon namely ‘unpredictability of the foreign policy’.” 

“Developments in the region as well as outsider players in this case show that Turkey is preparing itself for a turn in its foreign policy in order to get closer to Trump.

“After a call between trump and Erdogan, they announced that U.S and Turkey will cooperate to fight against ISIS.

“In order to change the game in the region, Turkey is not only trying to get closer to the US, it also intends to create the base to unite Saudi Arabia.

“This is why the first session of council of cooperation between Turkey and Saudis was held Tuesday in Ankara by foreign minister of both countries.

“It seems this session had good results for the Turks, because Adel Al-Jubeir Saudis foreign minister has declared clearly in a news conference that Riyadh and Ankara have common position on the regional issues.

“In fact Turkey and Saudi Arabia have agreed in the first session of council of cooperation between Riyadh and Ankara on their enmity vis-a-vis Iran as well as their interests in the future of Iraq and Syria.

“Therefore, based on recent regional and international developments, we must wait for an important change in Turkey’s foreign policy about regional developments including Syria.

“The fact that Turkey intends to create a safe zone in Syria in line with Americans and Saudis is not odd.

“If this strategy is formed, this will mean that Turkey is opposing Iran and Russia’s regional policies. Even if one must not be naïve about a sudden change in Russian’s policy in this regard.

“However we must prepare ourselves for an eventual change in Turkey’s strategy as well as creation of a triangle of unison between Washington, Ankara and Riyadh.”