Can this work? Simply yes.

There has already been plenty of success when it comes to US allies in the Middle East targeting Iranian proxies in the many wars that Iran has involved itself in (particularly Syria and Yemen). This has weakened Iran’s proxy forces, which are usually how Iran attacks other countries.

In addition, US policy against Iran has already given a suckerpunch to an economy that was destabilised through decades of Regime corruption.

In response to a failing economy, many Iranians have taken to the streets for protests, organised by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). These protests have been met with brutality, which has spurred more protests.

These protests can bring the Regime down, but only if the pressure on Iran’s economy is increased, as this prevents the Regime from paying their security forces to suppress the Iranian people.

The US has already placed major sanctions on Iran and urged other countries to do the same but they need to go further. But how?

Well Peter Huessy, the director of Strategic Deterrent Studies at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies of the Air Force Association, wrote that there should be eight parts to this plan.

1. Remove Iran’s access to SWIFT (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) – This will prevent it from selling or buying oil.

2. Embargo Iran’s oil and take steps to increase alternative oil sources.

3. Remove Iran from international forums and close down its embassies – Cutting diplomatic ties with the Regime and reaching out to the NCRI, which serves as a government-in-exile, will support a free Iran.

4. Fund a programme to supply water to the Iranian people who, thanks to the mullahs’ corruption, are suffering from serve droughts and forced to drink polluted water.

5. Implement a cyber-campaign against Iran’s nuclear and ballistic weapons facilities.

6. Announce a policy of sinking Iranian “fast attack” boats and drones that harass American naval vessels.

7. Increase US border security.

8. Supply the Iranian protesters and the NCRI with the funds necessary to support themselves.

The truth is that the Iranian Regime contains no moderates and has no chance of reform. Therefore, the Iranian people and the NCRI should be supported in their quest for regime change.

Huessy wrote: “The choice before America and her allies is simple. Either help the people of Iran end the reign of the mullahs, or see a hegemon arise in the Middle East that is opposed to all our collective interests and security.”