According to a report I received from several military friends and civilian doctors from Tehran’s hospitals, referrals to hospitals in Tehran are still increasing due to COVID-19. In Tehran and other cities, masks and gloves and disinfectants such as white alcohol and gels are still rare and are sold at very high prices, about 200,000 tomans and 100,000 tomans per liter.”

“In many hospitals in Tehran, such as the former Reza Shah Hospital or the current Khomeini Hospital, the severity of referrals is still so high that patients sleep on hospital corridors in many hospital wards.”

“Proper and therapeutic drugs are not giving them. Unfortunately, the drug that is injected and used for coronavirus patients is very rare. The drug belongs to the malaria fever. Which is not at all commensurate with this disease, but well, considering that no specific drug has been used around the world, they are using this drug for them, which unfortunately increases the treatment period of patients.”

“On the other hand, while people call the emergency, the emergency department does not transfer anyone to the hospitals unless the person is in a very bad condition and at the CCU and ICU conditions or in a state of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.”

“In hospitals, ventilators and breathing apparatus are very rare. Many patients’ families have been asked to buy this device themselves for 18 to 22 million tomans and put it on their patient’s bed so that the patient can use it. And at least, they donate their devices to the hospital. But unfortunately, there are fewer respiratory systems in hospitals that want to serve patients, and they give this device to patients who are dying and will die if the device is not connected to them.”

“This is the latest situation in Tehran’s hospitals. Unfortunately, the situation is going very badly, and the government has announced that from Saturday, all employees of the military and national services will all go to work, and due to the very low level of the transportation system in both store and subway transportation, unfortunately, we fear that many of our compatriots will become infected.”

A staff member of the Isabn Maryam Hospital in Isfahan reported that IRGC elements and the regime’s authorities at the hospital take the food, chicken, and meat which is donated to hospitals by donors to the hospital staff and doctors. And give them to patients and receive money from them in return.

“People bring masks, hospital gown, and shields and donate it, to help the coronavirus patients. But government officials see this as a cost to the patients and take money from them. Instead of that hospitals are curing the coronavirus patients should be free, they even loot the donations of people who help. Similar to this dirty act is Falavarjan and Beheshti hospitals in Ardestan, where the staff has exposed,” he added.

Also, in a news from Abdanan in the Ilam province, it is said that the government is rejecting to take a test from the people. Only pregnant women and medical staff will be tested. And if someone is positive, they will not hospitalize him or her and will give him or her medication and send them home.

Regarding the regime’s secrecy about the statistics of the coronavirus outbreak, an employee of Tabriz International Hospital said: “I swear that at least 10 people die every day in this hospital due to the coronavirus. While the city’s main hospital for the coronavirus is not this hospital. It’s the Imam Reza Hospital, where the situation is much worse.

The government has nothing to do with the disease of the people. Everything it says is a lie. Now they are fearing to face the people.”


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