Here we will look at what Maryam Rajavi termed the “emancipating message” of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), specifically gender equality, which has been embraced by young people across Iran.

Maryam Rajavi advised that the resistance units have expanded since 2017, with women in the MEK serving as a role model for them, before citing the words of two incredible young women in resistance units. She quoted a young woman from Khorramabad who used the phrase “I am a [MEK member], therefore I am” and a woman called Mina who said that the “flowers” of her hope are blossoming and that she is “confident” that a change is coming to Iran.

Maryam Rajavi said: “These enlightened and brave young women and men have been and continue to be inspired by four decades of sacrifice and perseverance of the [MEK]. For them, the [MEK’s] conviction in, and adherence to, the cause of freedom and equality is a living example which directs them in the struggle against the ruling tyrannical regime.”

She then praised the political prisoners in Iran, especially the female ones, who have been resisting the regime in jails across the country, noting that the female prisoners, in addition to opposing the regime, “have committed the unforgivable crime of being a rebellious woman”.

Maryam Rajavi said: “To be a woman and not surrender, to be a woman and persevere in the struggle, to be a woman and instead of thinking about yourself, think about the liberation of a people in chains, this is something that has driven the mullahs insane.”

She then noted the current situation in Iran is incredible, with the regime at an impasse, the economy paralyzed, and the resistance doing more to fight the regime every day. The Regime doesn’t know how to cope with this so they react the only way they know-how, with aggression and suppression in order to force the Iranian people, especially the women into submission.

Maryam Rajavi said: “Iran’s enlightened women and rebellious girls inspired by the 1,000 women of Ashraf, are following the tradition of an emancipating struggle. This is a role model devoid of all gender-based discriminations in outlook, standards, mentalities, and values. This is a role model where women are arisen, decisive, and capable of having an impact and opening the way. Women believe that the political fate of their country and society is equal to their own fate.”

She explained that these women believe that their sole duty is to save Iran from the dictatorship, emancipate the Iranian women and realize gender equality.
This is a noble goal and the Iranian women, and the Resistance as a whole, can achieve it but they need the support of the international governments. This wouldn’t mean military or financial support, but rather a recognition of the fact that the Iranian Resistance can and should overthrow the mullahs to achieve democracy in Iran.