With the inhuman and misogynistic remarks of the Iranian Friday prayers leader of Isfahan regarding the need to “confront mal-veiling”, two women who were victims of acid spraying, reacted to the senior cleric’s words. Simultaneous speeches of two Friday Imams in Isfahan and Bojnourd about confronting ‘bad hijab’ are among the bases for intimidation in society. The response of the two women victims of acid attacks to the representatives of Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei is a testament to this fact.

Regime’s cleric Yousef Tabatabai-Nejad, the Friday prayers leader and representative of Iran’s supreme leader in Isfahan, met with the provincial police commander and the provincial security headquarters. During the meeting, he called for seriousness and determination against lawbreakers and stressed that law-breaking should be dealt with seriously. He demanded that the atmosphere in society be made insecure for “unveiled women” and called for more support from judges for “Islamic morality police.”

‘Bad Hijabs’ Make Our Religious Community Insecure

Following the words of the Friday prayers leader of Isfahan, the Friday prayer leader of Bojnourd also ordered this anti-feminist act. Cleric Abolghasem Yaghoubi, who is also Khamenei’s representative in North Khorasan Province, said in Friday prayers ceremony on October 2: “Do not let the coronavirus distract us from other viruses. Law enforcement forces must make the life of the ‘mal-veiled’ women unsafe because they are trying to make our religious community insecure.”

The Spread of Repression

These statements and encouragement of government criminal factions are not a matter of spontaneity and personal opinion of these people. Such orders and actions given by Khamenei’s representatives in the provinces are a way to confront the threat of anti-government protests by the young population. By fomenting an atmosphere of intimidation and repression, Khamenei is trying in every way he can to prevent any protest or dissatisfaction, Iran watchers say. The order to suppress ‘unveiled’ or ‘badly veiled’ women and make society insecure for them is a clear manifestation of the spread of repression in the whole society.

Following the remarks by Khamenei’s representatives in Isfahan and Bojnourd, two women who were victims of acid attacks reacted.

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Ms. Soheila Jorkesh and Ms. Marzieh Ebrahimi are two women who were victims of acid attacks in Isfahan in 2014. On her Instagram page, Ms. Soheila Jorkesh in response to the Friday prayers leader of Isfahan expression said: “The previous acid attacks are not over yet.” This statement refers to the case of acid attacks in 2014. The regime declared the case closed without identifying, prosecuting and punishing the perpetrators and those in charge in Isfahan.

Ms. Marzieh Ebrahimi is another victim of acid attacks in Isfahan. She too reacted to the words of the Friday prayers leader of Isfahan. She wrote on her Instagram page: “In those days, fear had taken over the whole city. The fear of going out, the fear of the streets… and that is all they wanted and got. People were all scared and this story will be repeated.”

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