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Iran: College Students Revive Protests on Day 37

On day 37 of the anti-regime protests, college students hold rallies at dozens of universities; citizens support them across Iran.
On day 37 of the anti-regime protests, college students hold rallies at dozens of universities; citizens support them across Iran.

Brave college students began anti-regime protests across Iran on October 22, marking day 37 of demonstrations. However, hundreds of citizens in various provinces, including the capital Tehran, joined the protests. “Death to Khamenei,” “Death to the dictator,” and “Death to the oppressor; be it the Shah or Supreme Leader [Khamenei],” chanted protesters.

According to the opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), protests have swept 195 cities so far. The organization has declared that the regime murdered at least 400 citizens today. The MEK has published the names and specifications of 241 killed protesters. The regime has reportedly arbitrarily detained more than 20,000 protesters and bystanders.

Students Began Day 37 of the Protests

Based on prior notice, hundreds of college students resumed anti-regime demonstrations across Iran. In Tehran, students at Tehran University, Sharif University of Technology, and Allameh Tabatabaei held sit-ins and boycotted classes.

Moreover, Medical Sciences University students in Zahedan, Tabriz, and Hamedan joined demonstrations. “From Zahedan to Ahvaz, [Iran] will be revived,” students chanted in Zahedan. “This is the last message; our goal is to overthrow the entire regime,” students chanted in Tabriz. “We don’t want a child-killing government,” students chanted in Hamedan.

Notably, Khamenei gave a speech yesterday, claiming, “The enemy has targeted our universities. It tries to shut down these centers, which we are proud of them.”

Khamenei’s remarks come while the people well recall that regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini primarily shut down universities in 1980 under the excuse of the “Cultural Revolution.”

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Dezful Citizens’ Boldness Pumps Fresh Blood in Anti-Regime Protests

On the 37th day of anti-regime protests, citizens in Dezful, Khuzestan, fearlessly resisted anti-riot forces and plainclothes agents. Brave protesters pushed back authorities in several streets, despite the regime’s forces firing teargas and birdshot.

“Death to the dictator,” “Death to Khamenei,” “This is the year of Seyyed Ali [Khamenei’s] overthrow,” and “Freedom, freedom, freedom,” chanted citizens while taking over and liberating the streets.

Locals reported that security forces murdered at least one protester; more were injured. However, citizens set several pro-regime banners ablaze, venting their anger over the regime in its entirety.

Tehran Citizens Continue Protests

In addition to college students’ protests and strikes, citizens confronted security forces’ assaults in various areas, including Narmak, Shariati, Shadeghiyeh, Lalehzar, Amphitheater, Saadi, Azarbaijan St, Ferdowsi Sq, Valiasr intersection, and Bagh Sepahsalar.

The protests resumed in Tehran contrary to Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) chiefs’ claims. Hassan Hassanzadeh, the IRGC Mohammad Corps chief responsible for suppressing protests in Tehran, had already acknowledged the end of the “riot” in Tehran and taking control of the city.

Tehran municipality returned garbage bins to the streets, signaling the situation was ordinary. Notably, the municipality had already collected the containers, preventing rebellious youths from using them to establish roadblocks.

Locals say there is a full-scale war at Nobovat Sq. “Death to the dictator,” citizens chanted despite the regime firing teargas and birdshot.

Several protesters take to Sattarkhan St, encouraging citizens to join the protests. Defiant youths also attacked an IRGC paramilitary Basij base with Molotov cocktails.

Schoolgirls posted a video showing they tore the images of toppled Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Khomeini, and Khamenei. “Death to the oppressor; be it the Shah or Supreme Leader,” and “We don’t make a revolution for returning the Shah’s notorious intelligence office SAVAK,” they chanted.

Residents Nightly Chant Anti-Regime Slogans

Footage shows residents continuing to chant anti-regime slogans in different districts, including Gisha, Pardis, Punak, and Narmak.

Protesting Rallies and Strikes Go on

Families of Evin prisoners continued to rally outside the notorious prison. Since last Saturday, they have had no information about their loved ones. On October 15, the regime attacked Ward 7 and 8, where it held detained protesters, brutally beating, burning, shooting, and murdering around 30-40 political prisoners.

The Judiciary tried to downplay the crime, stating, “The blaze incident occurred in an entrepreneur-sewing workshop, and only eight inmates of theft lost their lives of smoke inhalation.”

However, locals reported that political prisoners were chanting “Death to the dictator” and “Death to Khamenei.” The slogans and the sound of gunfire and explosions were clearly heard in obtained videos.

Moreover, merchants, petrochemical employees, and truckers continued the strikes in solidarity with the nationwide protests against the regime in various cities.