According to sources from Iran, in the time span of yesterday and today, January 14 and 15, twenty-one prisoners have been hanged. Seven were collectively hanged in Gohardasht prison, five prisoners were collectively hanged in Shahroud, another five in Shiraz, two in the city of Ardebil, and one prisoner was hanged in the prison of Tabas. There was a public hanging in city of Saveh as well.

Meanwhile, the Mohammad-Javad Larijani, Secretary of the Iranian regime ’s Human Rights Council, said on Tuesday that his regime rejects the human rights norms and standards accepted by western states, according Fars news agency.

The Iranian regime’s “affinity for human rights is rooted” in its “cultural principles and we don’t accept the West-imposed human rights (principles) which want to change our way of life (lifestyle),” Larijani told a delegation from Ireland visiting Tehran on Tuesday.