The victim, a 44-year-old married man, known only by his initials H.L. was hanged from a crane in a public space as crowds and a TV news crew watched the horrific spectacle.

The prisoner had been sentenced to death on drug related charges.

At least five more prisoners were hanged last Thursday in the southern province of Hormozgan, according to reports from inside Iran. Prison authorities refused to hand over the body of one executed prisoner named Jafar to his family because they could not afford the charges for the execution, reports said.

And seven more men were hanged in Qezelhesar prison, Karaj, on Monday. The victims named as Bahram Soltani, Mohsen Davoudi, Hadi Beigi, Maisam Haji, Faiz Mohammad Saberzehi, Nazar Ali Fakouk and Yunis Karami had all been convicted on drug related charges.

One of the prisoners is said to have fainted prior to the execution, and was hanged once he regained consciousness, according to reports.