A week after their arrest, the Ministry of Intelligence contacted their families and said that they have been charged with making contact with Christian networks abroad, apostasy, converting from Islam to Christianity, and for promoting Christianity inside the country. Apostasy may lead to heavy sentences according to the Iranian regime’s penal law.

In another report, agents of the intelligence department in Shush Township, southwestern Iran, attacked a number of Christian families who were having a picnic beside the Shush River. Eight Christians were arrested and transferred to a detention center.

Reports from inside Iran on Wednesday, March 5th, indicate that during their transfer to the detention center of the intelligence department, and also during their detention, the eight were videotaped as they were being beaten up.

The arrested Christians, amongst whom there is a servant of the church named Amin Khaki, were interrogated by the Ministry of Intelligence after they were transferred to the ministry’s detention center. Interrogators from the Ministry of Intelligence confiscated their cars, mobile phones, identification cards, and other personal belongings.