Morteza Rahmani was convicted by a court in the western city of Sanandaj, which also sentenced him to three years imprisonment.

Mr Rahmani was arrested by agents of Ministry of Intelligence and Security in 2012 for working with a Kurdish group.

He was then subjected to severe torture and forced to make false confessions by the MOIS agents.

His sentence brings the number of Kurdish political and civil activists on death row to 22.

They are:

1- Zaniar Moradi

2- Loghman Moradi

3- Hooshang Rezaie

4- Sirvan Nezhavi

5- Behrooz Alkhani

6- Reza Mullahzadeh

7- Arman Parvizi

8- Ibrahim Issapour

9- Mohammad Abdullahi

10- Saber Mokhled Movaneh

11- Seyed Jamal Mohammadi

12- Seyed Sami Hosseini

13- Abdullah Sarvarian

14- Habiballah Lotfi

15- Bakhtiyar Memari

16- Samko Khorshidi

17- Mostafa Salimi

18- Arshid Akhandi

19- Saman Nasim

20- Anwar Rostami

21- Ali Ahmad Soluiman

22- Morteza Rahmani