Reports indicate that the human rights situation in Iran is deteriorating. While the UN Secretary-General submitted a report to the UN General Assembly describing the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran, the latest facts confirm this reality.

The summary of repression and human rights violations in Iran in August 2021 is as follows:

Execution in Iran August 2021:

In August 2021, at least 27 prisoners were reportedly charged with murder and drug offenses in Zahedan Central Prison, Qom Central, Central Isfahan, Esfarayen, Central Kermanshah, Central Kerman, Central Birjand, Central Karaj, Jiroft Prison, Central Mashhad, and Central Urmia were executed. All executed prisoners are men. The age of the executed is between 25 and 61 years.

Most executions took place in the central prisons of Isfahan, central Qom, and central Urmia.

On August 1, Mohammad Ali Sharifi, 38, was executed in Jiroft prison on charges of murder after 16 years.

On August 2, Sajjad Sanjari (a child offender) who was 15 years old at the time of his arrest was secretly executed in Kermanshah Central Prison after 10 years in prison without the knowledge of his family.

On August 4, Mojtaba Tondro, 45, was executed in Karaj Central Prison on charges of murder after 17 years in prison. His brother, a wrestler and an army officer had been executed some time ago.

On August 8, 37-year-old Salim Mohammadi, while he was ill and was taken to the hospital under anesthesia, was returned to Isfahan Central Prison after recovering in the hospital and was immediately executed.

On August 10, two Baluch prisoners, Nabi Noti Zaha and Ebrahim Ghanbarzehi were executed in Kerman Central Prison after five years in prison on drug charges, while at the time of their arrest, they had no drugs.

On August 24, 25-year-old Amir Ali Hosseini was executed on charges of murder after two years in prison in Qom Central Prison, while he was innocent, despite his family protested to his trial in front of the prison.

Arrests in Iran August 2021:

In August 2021, according to the published news, at least 762 people were arrested under various pretexts.

Arbitrary arrest:

In this period, 21 people were arrested by law enforcement officers, security officers, and the Special Forces under the pretext of clashes with the regime’s special units that had attacked the village of Hosseinabad in Zanjan, insulting sacred things on the Internet and being active against the government on Instagram.

The arrest of religious minorities:

A Baha’i citizen was arrested in order to serve his prison sentence.

Political arrests:

At least 68 people under various pretexts such as support and activities related to the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK/PMOI), participation in activities against national security, publishing materials about the protests in Mashhad, participating in the funeral of a killed person opposing the regime, participating in rallies in support of the Khuzestan uprising, criticism of Khamenei’s (regime’s supreme leader) actions, propaganda in favor of opposition parties, and incitement to protest were arrested by security agents, law enforcement, and IRGC intelligence agents.

Social arrests:

Some 672 people were arrested by the police on the charges of fugitives, thieves, internet fraud, and being thugs.

Torture in Iran August 2021

Physical torture:

Soheil Aliari and Hossein, two inmates at Adelabad Prison in Shiraz, were convicted of selling drugs and beaten by prison guards. The reason for beating them was praying in their cell instead of the prison’s Hosseiniyah.

Psychological torture:

Maryam Akbari, a political prisoner, was deported to Semnan Prison, in the worst health conditions and deprived of visits, and restricted to have phone contact with her family.

Salaheddin Sharifzadeh and Hassan Beit Abdullah, two exiled political prisoners in Khalkhal Prison, were denied medical treatment despite suffering from the coronavirus.

Iraj Sufi Mohammad, a political prisoner in Urmia Central Prison, was transferred to solitary confinement after a hunger strike in protest of the request to be transferred to Mahabad Central Prison.

Arbitrary Murder:

Several Culbars (Cargo porters) and people of different cities were killed by the regime agents.

In the pursuit and direct shooting of Kahnooj intelligence officers on the Faryab-Kahnooj axis towards a fuel-porting vehicle, the vehicle overturned and burned, in which a 10-year-old child who was stuck in the vehicle died.

A fuel-porter named Abdol Latif Takband was shot dead by IRGC intelligence agents in Rusk on his way back from the Pakistani border.

Law enforcement officers order Hayatullah Abdi, a rancher in Aligudarz, to stop. Hayatullah while did not notice them and continued his path, and the law enforcement officers immediately reacted and shoot him in the head. He was the father of two small girls.

Omid Khezri, 47, was killed in the border areas of Baneh by the Border Regiment with a direct shot. He was married and was the father of two children.

Killed because of torture

Hadi Atazadeh died in Ahar Prison after being flogged and transferred to prison quarantine. There were signs of torture on his body.