Khamenei said, “There was a deep and very dangerous conspiracy.” He underlined the organized nature of recent protests, which rapidly expanded to more than 180 cities and towns across the country. “[They planned] to take this move in an opportunity… destruction, burning, wickedness, etc. These [protesters] on the occasion of gas prices thought they can gain the opportunity. [Therefore,] they entered their forces in the field, but this move was destroyed by the ‘people.’”

Khamenei also added, “Basij serves in confrontation against rioters who have a task to destruction, setting the fire, ruin, and damaging public properties, in addition to providing the security.”

Factually, Khamenei made these remarks while around two weeks have passed from beginning the nationwide protests across Iran. Notably, on November 17, only two days after the protests were sparked, the Supreme Leader hastily delivered a speech and supported the fuel price hikes that triggered the protests. He also acknowledged despair and anger among even some of his advocates. Khamenei bluntly ordered his thugs to slaughter the fed-up people, saying, “No wise person who loves his country, who loves his suitable life, mustn’t help these [protesters]. These are ‘hooligans’!”

On November 22, Tehran’s Friday prayer imam Ahmad Khatami called on security forces and plainclothes for more violence, saying, “As we dealt with the [Mojahedin-e Khalq] in the 1980s, we should pursue them home by home… These are Mohareb [enemy of God]. And they must face the most severe punishment.”

On November 27, the state-run Channel One Television broadcasted an interview that discussed the detainees’ sentences. Abolfazl Bahrampour, who was introduced as a professor in judicial affairs, said, “I taught in the university of judiciary system for a while. These [detainees] who are in our prison should face three sentences. Plain and simple… These [detainees] should be tormented to death, not a simple death. If we enforce only one time, they won’t dare to appear in the field. It should be conducted in public; they should be executed and punished at the same point they committed their ‘crime.’ Or their organs should be cut. Their right hand along with their left foot should be cut. Of course, if they repent, but repentance before arresting, repentance after arresting is not acceptable. Some are telling us to kill them with coup de grace, but, they [detainees] wish to die easily. Lest grumblers among us say why you are executing 300 or 400 people?… If we kill 10,000 of the enemy’s infantry, we did not excess. The security is too important. If we lack security, we have nothing. God bless Mr. Raisi [the head of the judiciary system].”

However, there is a significant truth behind all these claims and threatens. The truth is the regime’s oppressive apparatus is unable to overcome recent protests despite all the savageness they have employed. If the officials succeeded to gain a “victory”, as they try to tout, it would naturally be unnecessary to further threaten the society.

In conclusion, the nationwide protests have changed the situation altogether, and the government won’t be able to return to the previous conditions. Each killing and injuring just fuels the people’s anger against the entire ruling system. Therefore, the Ayatollahs are being driven away from the majority of society and instead nearing their end. A bright future awaits the Iranian people from all strata of the society who are chanting, “Death to Khamenei,” and “Death to Rouhani.”