While there are still many issues plaguing Iranians, from unemployment to arbitrary arrests, the people are now banding together against the Regime, who are the cause of all of Iran’s problems.

Their uprising, which began over a draft budget that slashed subsidies for the poor in order to increase military spending in December, is dedicated to one solution to the woes of the Iranian people: egime change.

It is clear that the Iranian Regime cannot fix any of the problems because they are the cause of them. So now, Iran is at a crossroads, where their rulers could increase the violent crackdown and turn Iran into a second Syria or step down peacefully in order to save the country.

Just to be clear, it won’t be the latter. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has no intention of relinquishing power – he doesn’t even allow the Iranian people to question his rule, which is evidenced by the IRGC’s deadly shooting of four unarmed protesters in Ahvaz earlier this month.

So with the Iranian Regime ramping up to crack down on the protesters, it seems as if the only option for the Iranian people is to increase their protests and bring down the Regime.

And that should be fairly easy to do, because it’s not just one group that is opposed to the Iranian Regime, it’s everyone, even the religious conservatives that used to form the Regime’s base.

They are opposed to Iran’s reckless meddling in the Middle East, particularly Syria as evidenced by the protesters’ chants, which have no justification, waste the Iranian people’s money, and even increase sanctions against Iran.

Indeed, Iran involves itself in other countries affairs to deflect attention from its own problems. The idea is to make somewhere else look worse, by exacerbating already brutal wars, and then swoop in and take power, as they’ve already done in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen.

These actions by the Regime have placed Iran in direct confrontation with the major powers in the Middle East, who rightfully oppose the Shiite Crescent that the mullahs are well on their way to creating.

It’s hard to predict what will happen next in Iran, but one thing is for certain, the Iranian people will continue to protest until their rightful demands are met.