The NCRI’s Security and Anti-Terrorism Commission said that these 60 people, who they also provided descriptions for, were transferred to hospitals in Tehran. They said that these people included five young men who were registered as “unidentified”, potentially because of the injuries they suffered and two women who were shot with pellet guns by the regime’s forces. 

Here are just some of the people named in the documents that the NCRI got from the National Emergency Organization in Tehran Province: 

  • Soghra Shirazian, 60, who was transferred to Zia’ian Medical Centre at 8:04 am on November 16, the first day of the protests 
  • Maryam Hatmi Tehrani, 18, was transferred to the Imam Reza Medical Center of Eslamshahr at 5:07 am on November 17 under medical care and oxygen therapy. She had pellet gun wounds to her head and thigh 
  • Shahla Khedmati, 39, who was transferred to the same center on the same day under the same medical care, with heavy bleeding from pellet gun wounds to her left arm 
  • There Fat’hi, 29, who was transferred to the Fayaz Bakh medical center, at 5:07 am on November 17. She had bullet wounds to her head, arm, and side and was experiencing weakness 
  • Faezeh Keshavarzi Karaji, 23, who was transferred to the Firouzgar Medical Center, at 9:26 pm on the same day, suffering from weakness, fatigue, bleeding, and ruptures 
  • Pari Hazeghi, who was transferred to the Firouzgar Medical Center at 7:36 pm on November 17. She had been peppersprayed by the police and was suffering from abdominal pains as a result 

The NCRI said that these new revelations shed extra light on the mullahs’ horrific massacre and crackdown” on the Iranian people’s uprising. 


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The protests were sparked by a sudden increase in fuel costs but quickly became about the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime. The regime wanted to crush the uprising and their security forces were brutal. Over 1,500 men, women, and children were killed in the street by the security forces, who opened fire directly on protesters, killing many at point-blank range and many more from helicopters and building tops. 

Over 8,000 protesters were injured and 12,000 arrested.