These defiant anti-regime actions by the MEK, made braver still because of the increased presence of the so-called security forces, were undertaken in Abadan, Ahvaz, AstaraBabolsar, Hamedan, Hashtpar, Isfahan, Javanrud, Karaj, Kashan, Kermanshah, Khorramshahr, Mashhad, Mahshahr, Qom, Robat Karim, SanandajSarbandarSabzevar, Shiraz, Semnan, Tehran, Urmia, and Yazd. 

Here are just some of the MEK slogans: 

  • “Maryam Rajavi: All regime’s promises are hollow, the only end to poverty and unemployment is the establishment of a democratic and popular republic” 
  • “Kudos on the anniversary of the dictator Khomeini’s death” 
  • “Down with the principle of Velayat-e-Faqih, damn Khomeini” 
  • “Massoud Rajavi: Damn to Khomeini who usurped the most essential right of the Iranian people, namely the popular sovereignty” 
  • “Army of the Hungry, revolt and rise up, damn Khamenei” 
  • “Democracy, Freedom with Maryam Rajavi” 
  • “Uprising will erupt to annihilate Khamenei and his clerical regime” 
  • “Down with Khamenei, damn to Khomeini, hail to Rajavi” 
  • “Massoud Rajavi: Our fight with Khomeini was over people’s freedoms and social justice” 


Earlier this week Resistance Units carried out more anti-regime activities in all the cities named above, plus Andimeshk,  Ardabil,  Behbahan, Bandar Abbas, Bandar AnzaliIranshahrKhavaf,  JavanrudLahijan, Lorestan,  Mazandaran,   Noshahr, Nishapur, Rasht, RudbarSirjan, Shahriar, Shushtar, Shush, Qazvin, Varamin,  and Zahedan. This proves that the MEK is not made up of one group of people in one place, but rather all people in all places. 

The MEK wrote: The Resistance Units work hard to build up a revolt against the ruling theocracy to give hope to the people that a better life is possible for the generations to come. Even though the regime has tried to repress the resistance, it hasn’t worked, as it is growing all the time with hundreds of activities and operations taking place against repressive practices taking place within the country. 


Also, this week, was the celebration by Iranians of the death of regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini. The MEK supporters celebrated by placing handwritten slogans on walls, including: 

  • “Our struggle against Khomeini was to establish freedom and social justice 
  • “Down with Khamenei, damn Khomeini, viva Rajavi 
  • “Down with the principle of the supreme leader’s rule 
  • “There is a single solution for poverty and the end of tyranny. That solution is establishing democracy in Iran 
  • “Khomeini was a ruthless dictator 

The MEK said: This celebration alone shows that the ordinary people of Iran no longer want to live under the mullahs’ rule because during these last 41 years of Iranian history the citizens of Iran have had to put up with the torturous repression inflicted by the mullahs. One of the early examples of how oppressive the regime is taking place in 1988 when 30,000 political opponents of the regime who had been imprisoned were slaughtered just for their beliefs.