The regime has also sent a number of its hooligans, armed with knives and machetes, among the people in an attempt to disperse them. The number of the arrestees is estimated at hundreds.

Yesterday, the plainclothes agents took pictures and film from the demonstrators and after identifying them in nightly raids arrested and transferred them to an undisclosed location. Many of the arrests have taken place in the Vali-Abad Naghareh district in Dezful that is populated by the Bakhtiari people. The Intelligence Ministry has sent volumes of SMS to people asking them not to take part in the anti-government demonstrations.

Thousands of people of Ezeh also joined the nationwide demonstrations on February 14 to protest the airing of the TV serial by regime’s television that insulted the Bakhtiari compatriots. In attacking regime’s governorate building they broke its windows. They also beat up a mullah.

The Bakhtiari Lor compatriots in city of Farsan in the Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Province also assembled on that same day in Imam Ali Square of the city and expressed their rage of regime’s insulting act towards the Bakhtiari people.

In Masjed Solayman and Dezful a number of Bakhtiari compatriots assembled at regime’s Friday prayer show and by shouting slogans and through protesting acts disrupted this despised show of the mullahs.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

February 15, 2014