The MEK wrote: “The Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime will be welcoming these elections because it gives him an opportunity to oust all those that oppose him.” 

After all, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei instructed the Guardian Council to reject the candidacies of many from the reformist faction, headed by the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, including 90 sitting MPs. 

Considering that all Iranian politicians have to swear an oath of loyalty to Khamenei anyway and anyone who opposes the regime is barred from standing, you can see there is not much opposition for him to squash in the first place. 

The MEK told Iranians that rather than vote in a rigged election, they should instead work to overthrow the malign mullahs and their inhumane regime. 

While the opposition leader Maryam Rajavi said that it was Iranians’ patriotic duty to boycott the sham elections, which will show support for the over 1,500 martyrs killed by the regime’s security forces during the November 2019 uprising in Iran. The MEK leader said that this would also show support for all those people who took part in the January uprisings with the goal of overthrowing the regime. 

Many Iranians highlighted that activism in Iran is already on the rise, with the people longing to overthrow the “corrupt and criminal regime”, and planning to boycott the election en-masse. Although it is likely that the Iranian regime will cover this up, given that they have previously reported ludicrously high voter turnouts, it will still send a clear message of defiance to those in charge. 

One activist from Tehran, identified only as Kaveh, said the people are “eager” to rid the world of the mullahs.  

Via text, Kaveh said that the point of elections is for a populace that trusts in democratic processes to elect a democratic government. But given that the regime is “fascist”, the people do not have confidence in the democratic process and despise the regime. 

He said that the regime is wrongly calling it an election in order to project legitimacy to the world and that anti-regime activism is only increasing as public anger increases. 

The MEK said that the regime is “showing signs of weakening”, especially with the ridiculous crackdown on who can and cannot stand for elections, highlighting this as proof that the regime is unstable and its end is near. 

MEK leader Rajavi said that Khamenei is trying to cram the “backward-looking” parliament with loyalists because he thinks that closing ranks are the solution to the present crisis. 

The MEK wrote: “Whether he succeeds or not, it has got to the point now that the clerical regime doesn’t have any way out and cannot hold off being overthrown for much longer.” 

The international community should stand with the MEK and call out the regime’s sham election for what it is. 


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