Part of the Iranian regime’s disinformation campaign, which is led by its intelligence ministry, is that the regime’s main opposition group known as the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (MEK/PMOI) has no public support and is hated by most of the people and is recognized as a terror group by them because it has killed more than 17,500 ‘innocent’ people.

But as usual, nothing is properly coordinated in this regime. The propaganda factory is not producing uniform products and elements involved in such jobs are not synchronized. One subject which clarified this disharmony is their claims about the MEK’s lack of popular support.

Before we continue this subject, some questions are raised here which is not bad to deal with.

Is it even possible to be an organization without any public support, but be able to continue 56 years of professional and uninterrupted struggle against two dictatorships?

Is it even possible to be a vivid organization, and have an increasing human resource, while constantly the regime is arresting and killing its members and supporters?

Without asking for material and financial support from any of the world powers is it possible to be financially independent and have no public support? Could an organization that did not rely on its people even exists outside of its homeland for a so long time?

What kind of organization is that, that the regime claimed constantly its end but, on any occasion, it is forced to warn its elements about the dangers of this organization?

It is enough to search the internet for the keyword “hypocrites”, an expression by which the regime is calling the MEK, then we will face the reality of how much this regime fears the MEK, a regime that is claiming to have an unbeatable power.

The Mojahedin is the sword of Damocles that hangs over the head of the regime. They do not hesitate to use the name of the Mojahedin to silence dissent even within its elements.

“As soon as someone criticized, they say that they took orders from Albanian (Mojahedin). (Sarpoush, Mahmoud Mirlohi, August 5, 2021)

And the regime can no longer deny its fear especially after the latest event in Khuzestan’s water protests.

“Two thousand (Mojahedin) in the Albanian capital turned to the media war in three shifts. The plan is to turn the people against the system and the people against each other.” (Fars News Agency, Cleric Ahmad Shahrokhi, July 23, 2021)

“(Mojahedin) is still supported by the United States and Arab countries, and their traces can still be seen today in Ahvaz and Khuzestan and seek to direct the demands of the people.” (Fars News Agency, Cleric Mohamad Ali Nekounam, July 23, 2021)

Then showing its fear about Iran resistance’s latest gathering (Free Iran World Summit 2021) as one of the elements claimed:

“The meeting of the organization (Mojahedin) will not result in anything but increasing the hatred of the Iranian people towards them.” (Moj-e-Rasa, Ali Akbar, July 21, 2021)

But then it is forced to confess that, “it can be boldly said that ‘(Mersads) Ambushes’ (This is how the regime calls the Mojahedin’s latest military operation in 1988 famous as the ‘Forough-Javidan’ (immortal Light) are continuing and this time not in the Hassanabad plain but in the house of every Iranian there is a Chaharzebar Strait (a strait in which the regime succeed to stop the Mojahedin’s move after nearly 150 km.) that must be conquered.

“The Mojahedin have a mission to do their best, the consequences of which can be easily seen in the protests of December 2017 and November 2019.” (Siasat-e-Rooz, July 28, 2021)

Haraz News website, August 5, 2021, in an article about the regime’s fear, without realizing it, has admitted an important fact: “The youth of Iran set the Mojahedin as their role model.”

“We are talking about a society whose youth, as the future makers of our country, have no roadmap for their future. This revolt and rebellion that is seen in the youth around the country today have been the product of which culture-building and guidance of those in charge?

“Instead of engaging in lessons, exercises, games, and sports, our youth and students are embarking on an adventure against the regime. If you are looking for documents for this claim, watch (Mojahedin) TV programs once to find out where our young people’s role models and their frustrations come from.

“Two young schoolchildren block the entrance to a city by picking up a few tires and set them on fire, claiming that they have blocked the supporting road of security forces! At a school in a remote village, children protest! they chanted ‘Death to Rouhani’ and ‘Death to the dictator’.

“Throwing cocktails, destroying banners in the streets and squares, and writing insulting slogans against the values ​​of the system has become one of the nightly pastimes of our youth.

“The rightful protests of the people of Khuzestan are turning into riots It has been shot. It is not clear whether this is Khuzestan or Texas! Later, its clip will be broadcast on TV (Mojahedin) and the media of other enemies of the system in cyberspace.”