The Iranians in exile voiced admiration for the MEK supporters and Resistance Units inside Iran for playing a leading role during the recent uprising, which spread to 191 cities across the country, and for continually risking their lives to carry out acts of resistance against the mullahs.

The total raised during the telethon was $6.92 million, which shows that the Resistance is completely independent from foreign powers and enjoys massive support from the Iranian people. It also shows that Iranians trust INTV to tell the truth about the ongoing struggle against the mullahs’ regime and the corrupt nature of the regime’s apparatus.

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), sent a message about how Iranians around the globe welcomed this telethon and expressed their support for the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime.

She said: “This is a strong indication of national solidarity and how Iranians yearn for freedom, and their admiration for the PMOI/MEK and the network of Resistance Units inside Iran.”

In fact, this support from Iranians worldwide shows that the uprising is far from over, no matter how much the regime has tried to crush the Iranian people, and that is something that scares the mullahs. The Iranian people have proven that they will make the ultimate sacrifice for their country’s freedom.

The telethon went on for nearly 60 hours over five days, with at least 100 telephone lines to take donations, but Iranians were also active online, including via Telegram from inside Iran, expressing support for INTV and the Iranian opposition.

The telethon showed the Iranian people’s pride regarding the November uprising and the Resistance Units, which will only further encourage the Iranian people in their struggle against the regime. Iranians worldwide pledged their allegiance to their compatriots inside Iran, especially the friends and relatives of the 1,500 martyrs killed by the regime in the past month.

It was a strong indication that nothing will stop Iran from realizing freedom and democracy.

The MEK expressed its “utter gratitude” for the support shown by millions of Iranians around the world and expressed its “absolute dedication to continuing the relentless struggle aimed at establishing freedom, democracy, human rights and equality for the proud people of Iran”.