The thing is that the Regime has a viable alternative in the form of the oldest, largest, and most popular resistance organization in Iran, which has fought two separate regimes since it was founded in 1965. That is the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

In order to help you learn more about the MEK, we have created an in-depth series. In this part, we will learn about how the broad support that the MEK enjoys internationally.

As we said at the end of the last article, the Regime spends a lot of time and money to discredit the MEK internationally and even assassinate MEK members on foreign soil, much as they always do inside Iran. This shows that the Regime does not consider the MEK to be an “insignificant” organization, but rather the greatest threat to the continued rule of the mullahs. Why else exert so much effort into attacking them?

In fact, the MEK enjoys broad popularity both inside and outside of Iran. While inside Iran this is a “crime” that could result in execution, outside Iran people are able to be much more open about their support for the group. This means that the Iranian diaspora, as well as many former and current high-ranking government officials and associations, can be completely open about their support for the MEK and for bringing fundamental change to Iran.

Let ‘s consider that. There are thousands of the most intelligent and most important people in the world, including foreign ministers, prime ministers, members of parliaments, governors, members of Congress, attorneys general, human rights advocates, Joint Chiefs of Staff, FBI directors, and military officers, supporting the MEK, while those in support of the Regime are dictators and autocrats.

Every June, the MEK organises a rally in Paris to commemorate the 1981 demonstration in Tehran that we learnt about earlier in this series. This routinely draws around 100,000 people. In 2014, there were over 600 officials and parliamentarians from North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East in attendance to show their support for the MEK. In 2018, the Regime tried to bomb the MEK rally, but thankfully the plot was foiled by European police before anybody could be hurt and an Iranian diplomat was arrested for his role.

Support for the MEK was also demonstrated at the convention of Iranian associations in Europe, North America, and Australia in 2014, where 300 Iranian associations from 18 countries pledged their support for the MEK and its 10-point plan for a new Iran.

In 2015, the Union of Iranian Associations in Germany also organized a rally in support of the MEK and a free Iran. tens of thousands of people from 40 countries attended.

That is the end of our little series. We hope you have found it useful and that it has encouraged you to support the MEK in their fight against the mullahs.