And they claim that such uprisings will have no result. This wave of fake news has started on 5th November and is increasing day by day.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, a member of the Iranian National Assembly’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, reacted with a vague statement: “In Lebanon, the protests are almost over, and in Iraq, after Ayatollah Sistani’s fatwa, protests are taking a new shape and continuing in the form of civil protests.” (State-run news agency Khanehe Melat, 5 November 2019)

On the same day, Iran’s former ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Danaeifar, overpassed Boroujerdi in bluffing and said:  “The signs indicate that the dust of excitement is dropping in society, and naturally after this, Iraq will enter the atmosphere of expert rationality and opinion.” (State-run website Risheh, 5 November 2019)

One day after this expression he added: “Contrary to what is said, the number of these people is small, and their action has been stopped by the reaction of the security forces and the people.” (State media, 6 November 2019)

Ali Akbar Raefipour, an Iranian Basiji official, said: “Do not be fooled by the videos that are being released online about the situation in Iraq … The largest population that came out in Iraq was less than 5,000 … not a large crowd.” (Iran’s official news agency IRNA, 7 November 2019)

The Iranian’s Judicial news agency Mizan wrote: “Iraq’s unrest has subsided”.  The state-run website Noor wrote: “News from Iraq shows a calm situation in Baghdad and Basra cities, with no clashes between protesters and security forces.”

The Fars News Agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards, added: “In Iraq, large crowds are no longer formed, and demonstrations are being held with fewer and smaller crowds … Large rallies are over. The protesters tried to keep people on stage by dancing and singing.”

What this shows is that the Iranian government is really scared about the uprising in Iraq which could result in it losing its hegemony over this country. So, it is trying to change the lost situation with fake news.