Mark D. Wallace, UANI CEO Ambassador said,  “As foreign companies have started to enter the Iranian market, those who have benefited most are Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) front companies, not the Iranian people.” Ambassador Wallace added: “The Iranian regime has used this influx of foreign money to fuel their brutal crackdown on human rights at home and their sponsorship of terrorism in the region. Given this reality, unfortunately any hope that the JCPOA will help strengthen moderates in Iran is misplaced.”

UANI has engaged in a worldwide campaign over the last year, to directly warn companies of the risks of doing business in Iran. Dozens of French companies are preparing to take part in a Franco-Iranian economic forum on Tuesday. Giulio Terzi, UANI Senior European Advisor and former Italian Foreign Minister Ambassador, warns, “French companies need to think about who they want to be as corporate citizens and who they want to be doing business with. In the current environment, they should be very wary of engaging in business in Iran.”