This academic year, starting today in Iran, there will be around 15 million Iranians in elementary and high school. There will also be another 4 million Iranians in higher education. This means that there will be many millions of young people that will not be attending any kind of educational establishment at all, more often than not because of financial reasons.

The Iranian regime has failed to live up to many of its obligations. Some of these are promises that have been made, but also constitutional obligations are being neglected. One such constitutional obligation that the regime has failed to address is the mandatory and free education for all up to the end of high school.

The regime has imposed large tuition fees meaning that millions of people, in a country where poverty levels are alarming and on the increase, are unable to afford to go to school. It is believed that more than three-quarters of the population – around 80 percent – are living under the poverty line. For many families, this means that they are unable to send their children to school.

It has even been reported that in cases where children do attend school, many families have had to make great sacrifices such as selling belongings. Their regular salaries barely cover the most basic of amenities, much less school.

In addition to this, around 37 percent of Iranians drop out of high school before they have completed their studies. Of the children that manage to finish high school, only seven percent of them will continue on to higher education or university.

Unfortunately, females in Iran are even more deprived of education and the portion of dropouts from high school is higher for females.

The leader of the Iranian opposition and the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Mrs. Maryam Rajavi addressed the people of Iran on the occasion of the new academic year. She hailed the young people of Iran, and teachers and educators, for their role in protests and strike in the past few years. She reminded them that they are following in the footsteps of those that came before them and that their dreams of freedom and equality will one day be realized.

Mrs. Rajavi encouraged them to keep resisting the Iranian regime despite its efforts to quash all dissent. She reminded the people that they are acting for what is right, and against the malign will of the brutal and cruel mullahs.

“Through such ruthless repression, the mullahs seek to preserve their decadent rule vis-à-vis the burning desire of the people of Iran for change, blocking the country’s economic and social progress and causing horrendous damages in every humanitarian, cultural, educational, medical, environmental and economic realm.”

MEK has been a pioneer in the struggle for gender equality and exposing inequality in the educational system of the Iranian regime.