On November 21, the Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) raided a house belonged to a poor family in Fasa county, southwest of Fars province. Afterward, the SSF razed the house and displaced the family under the pretext of baseless claims.

To justify their brutality, the regime’s oppressive forces resorted to ridiculous excuses such as illegal construction on “national occupied lands.” Despite the nearly two-decades residence, authorities rejected the family’s official permit for living in the place.

This is while the father of the family is disabled and his son is the sole breadwinner to the family. “Our house was built more than 18 years ago,” the son said.

Iranian Regime Amplifies Pressure on the People

Earlier this week, the SSF in the coastal city of Bandar Abbas, the center of Hormozgan province, stormed the house of a 35-year-old woman.

They destroyed her house and paid no attention to her cries. The woman was a poor and unemployed single mother, living in a self-made shelter with her small children.

After the incident, she set herself ablaze, protesting the regime’s brutality in making her children homeless. Local officials confirmed that the woman suffered 17 percent burns, mostly on her left arm, and is undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

The footage of the incident, filmed and posted on social media, caused a wave of public anger and outrage across the country. However, this was not the first instance of the Iranian regime’s cruelty in recent weeks.

A few weeks ago, the SSF caught and tortured a young man Mehrdad Sepehrai in Mashhad city, northeastern Iran, to death. The police officer used electric shocks and pepper spray to torture the poor young while he was tied with a handcuff to a pole.

Some days later, the police used fatal force against a citizen in the city of Esfarayen, northeastern the country, caused to his death. Also, in support of a corrupt CEO of the oil company, SSF agents beat and trampled a young pregnant woman to prevent her from revealing the CEO’s moral scandal.

Summary of Repression and Human Rights Violations in Iran – October 2020

Other Facts of Raiding and Destroying Poor People’s Houses by Security Forces

Earlier this year, in Kermanshah province, western Iran, the SSF destroyed the shed of a 58-year-old woman, Asieh Panahi, and killed her in the process.

Furthermore, in recent weeks, the security forces destroyed the houses in Zardoui Village in Paveh city, Kermanshah province, Golshahr district of Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchestan province, Hajiabad village, Hormozgan province, and Ismailabad village in Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan province.

Iran Regime’s Foundation Demolishes Homes of Poor People

Rampant poverty in Iran is the main reason for the increase in the construction of self-made houses in the suburb of metropolitan areas. Today, a considerable number of Iran’s population reside in slums due to financial dilemmas.

The country suffers an economic woe, and the government fails to handle the situation. On the other hand, systematic corruption and government mismanagement have devalued the national currency and increased inflation.

Public outrage has mounted against the regime as many officials live wealthily and line their pockets with billions of dollars of the country’s assets. Iranian citizens also expressed their fury against the regime’s foreign policies and squandering Iran’s national resources on proxy wars and domestic suppression.