The firms which were exposed to losses or bankruptcy are transferred to regime organizations like Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) or the Iranian intelligence service, known as the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

Many of these companies were completely bankrupt after the transfer, sold land and company properties and shut the doors of the factories, and the heirs looted the wealth and the money of the companies and made the laborers unemployed.

For example, factories such as ARJ, Azmayesh, Blair, Chitsazi Behshahr, Avangan, Roghan Qu, and Risandegieh Rey were among factories that after privatization exited the production cycle and shut down completely.

Therefore, it can be concluded that this is a failed plan by the mullah’s regime, which leads to the calamity and dismissal of workers.

According to the research that experts have done in this case, among the companies studied, after the transfer to the private sector, at least 24 companies or factories have encountered mass layoff of workers and a reduction of the workforce, and 19 companies or factories have suffered a decrease in profitability.

In the past few days protests by manufacturers of counters and recording devices, who want the company to get rid of their private-sector status, have continued unabated.

These workers say that the factory owners have not fulfilled their obligations for a long time, and they want to clarify the situation. They have made a strong outcry because of uncertainty and demand to return to the government’s subset.

They said that their major problems have started since the company’s assignment to the “private sector”, so their major demand is to get rid of their private-sector status and return the company to the government.

The official website of the main Iranian opposition group Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK Iran) concludes with an analytical report entitled “Behind the Privatization”: If we think that the supreme leader and his president, did not recognize the critical economic situation and the potential for protests in various strata, including workers and retirees in Iran’s society, we have gone wrong.

Those who are in a deadlock and have no solution to the crisis understand the fire of public anger and hatred against the whole system is flaring up. For this reason, they try to prevent the formation of protests by workers and different strata.

The MEK’s website, which reflects the views of the Iranian Resistance, emphasizes the fact that the entire system is corrupted, sheds the blood of the people, and impoverishes them. So Iran’s people will never trust this government.

Workers of the Tabriz machine factory, HEPCO, Haft Tapeh or Azarab Arak and other privatized companies know well that by waiting for political and economic decisions, the government will not solve their problems. Their experience of many years of protesting in defense of their factory and their job has made them realize that the only way is to unite and persist for their rights and to continue the struggle to eradicate this anti-Iranian regime.