The international debate on Iran has long focused on “reform”, but given the performance of the Regime over the past 40 years, that will never happen. The Regime rules over a country with no respect for human rights, a failing economy, several environmental crises, and a dramatically high suicide rate – the result of under a repressive regime, and the mullahs will never submit to the demands of their people.

That’s why the protest has continued, even dragging in groups traditionally loyal to the regime, and why this current wave of demonstrations is different from previous protests. It’s not just a demonstration; it’s a revolt. Iran will soon be free from the oppressive grip of the mullahs and the world should stand with the resistance.

The people can only see a dark future ahead, which is why they’re determined to tear down the corrupt Regime through any means necessary. To the average outsider, regime change may appear chaotic or likely to, as was the case with Iraq, allow terrorist groups to take hold. However, Iran is slightly different in this regard.

Iran has an organised, democratic resistance force that is helping to direct the protests and provide resources to the people of Iran. The Iranian Resistance, which already has working relationships with many foreign governments and serves as a government-in-exile in France, has a plan for governing Iran in the interim period between the fall of the mullahs and the people’s election of a new government.

The resistance coalition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and its main organized constituent, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), are beloved by the Iranian people and respected by international governments. This means that it will be able to create a peaceful, free Iran once the mullahs have gone with large amounts of cooperation and no chance of the country being usurped by a power-hungry dictator.

Hamid Bahrami, a former political prisoner from Iran, wrote: “Both the MEK and the NCRI have spearheaded the struggle against the Iranian regime for a free, democratic and secular Iran for the last 40 years and are the opposition most feared by the regime’s Supreme Leader and officials.”

He explains that the MEK is helping to organise anti-regime protests through its global network, which is helping the Iranian people to break down the Regime and making the mullahs desperate. He advised that the US continue to support the protesters, rather than looking to make a deal with the Regime.