The U.S. exit from the Iran nuclear deal gave the MEK new hope in its push for regime change in Iran. The new sanctions, along with the regime’s incompetent management, has caused great unrest within the country. This opens the door for regime change coming from inside Iran. American military force would not be necessary.

The MEK wants to install a democracy in Iran. This threat to the regime has resulted in its to countering its opposition all the way to Albania. As well, there was a foiled bomb attempt at the Free Iran Gathering 2018 in Paris this past June, in which an Iranian diplomat was arrested. Two Iranian spies were also arrested and indicted in Washington, D.C., as they attempted to target resistance officials in the United States.

In Albania, Iranian intelligence agents have been recruiting former MEK members for propaganda purposes. They try to tarnish the group’s reputation in the eyes of Albania’s people.

A tour of the MEK’s camp shows that it has everything you would expect in a small city — lodging, food service, assembly halls, administrative buildings. Scores of a new generation of MEK, male and female, are active in keeping the struggle against the regime alive.

The older, original members have their own unique stories to tell. Some had loved ones who had been subjected to violence by the regime. Others had family members who were executed. Most had given up hope of a decent life in Iran, and were committed to bringing regime change for future generations.

The MEK is a committed group of individuals who have given their lives for an idea: a free Iran. They want a better life for the Iranian population. They seek to prevent future generations of Iran from having to go through horrific experiences, such as imprisonment, torture, and executions.

Albania has nothing to fear from this group, who only want to become good citizens of Albania and to build a life in the country. They do not have weapons or military training. Much disinformation has been spread about the MEK, when, in fact, it is the MEK who must be worried about violence.

The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence agents are active in Albania, and the Albanian public should fear them, not the MEK.