Rafii said in an interview for the «Middle East» in Brussels on the sidelines of a recent visit with other Iraqi figures to attend a conference on human rights in Iraq, organized by the European Parliament, that the year «ruled the country since 1400 years, what did he say Shiites? They say: It did not have any role in Iraq, but I tell them, for example, that 70 per cent of the Baath Party were Shi’ites and the list of the 55 (wanted list of the pillars of the former regime) had 37 of them Shiites, and everyone knows that the Baath Party was not Sonia did not govern the people as the year».

Asked waiting for steps to end the status quo, said Rafii «We are seeking all Imkna upon, and will not limit in any aspect we are exposed every day to the oppression and violations of human rights, women and men in the prison and cannot stand for such an injustice and we all directions to remove this concern ». Asked whether he agreed with what was on the lips of other during the Conference on Human Rights in Iraq, about the suffering of Christians in the country, he replied, Rafii «Sure  … has visited me two weeks ago, the new Patriarch of the Eastern Church with the Ambassador of the Vatican and Christian figures again and we welcomed them, and they know that we care about them and care about the Camry, Valdaanat all of them as much as a common protection of human dignity and human rights, this much is enough to be loving brothers are supporting each other and to remove this concern about the country ».

The Mufti of Iraq that Iraq is in need of initiatives, internal and external to find solutions to the current situation in which they live the country and added that he personally supports the internal initiatives to find solutions «But the solution of the Iraqi done by Iraqis principals if they found the servo», and he added: It is, in the same time, welcome to «all the initiatives from any party». He continued: «I wonder if the Iraqi problem is internal or external internal abstract? Everyone knows they have a hand in foreign agendas operating inside Iraq, then we need initiatives to internal and also external ».

Rafii said that at the Brussels conference «demanded the European Union, but the international community to carry out their duty of literary and legal because they involved the active participation in the delivery of Iraq to this point and they have to correct the error, which walked him». He added: «The Iraqis do not have them otherwise, but the inventory of Iraqis from this Althell existing political, which has dominated the people’s money and their own destinies and their necks and their dignity … and salvation is that we get rid of this bunch that we’ve got the name of politics and religious parties and what we saw of them, they do not know of no religion whatsoever ».

Rafii and accused the government of being «dialogue does not know, but you know murder and repression, displacement and persecution all know its meaning». He continued: «We have spoken to our alarm, is now fighting us in our province of Anbar province that we (Daash) while the Anbar province, which fought al-Qaida is not preferred for the owners or his party or his group in the fight against terrorism in the province, and now they are fighting the people of the province as terrorists, and the solution that the international community will turn to that which is imposed on us the likes of these forms ugly that brought us to this stage and the international community must play its role and the correct path that spoiled ».

The Rafii said in his speech at the Conference on Human Rights in Iraq «Otikm of the country slaughtered the human rights of the vein to vein, Otikm has been left on the land of Fallujah blood of my brother who has not dried yet, since torn blown with three of his neighbors before the eyes of their wives and children just like Dozens of children, women, the elderly and young people who kill in cold blood, with mortar so-called indiscriminate bombing, which represents part of the government’s strategy in the war on the people under the pretext of fighting terrorism, which has today become a pretext to fight against all opponents of this government and the objectors to approach arbitrary ».

He added that the Iraqi government «represented by the Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces pursues a policy of hateful sectarianism and used excessive force against the sons of the Iraqi people, has won the Sunnis in Iraq, the largest share of the injustice of this government».

He warned Rifai that what is happening in Fallujah today and pan-Anbar province is a «war of genocide used by the current Iraqi government all types of heavy and medium weapons, and the Iraqi government is determined to hit people, some of some of the preparation to reach a civil war, losing its people Iraqi alone ».