but Iran’s hospital is showing another facet of the situation, which is showing the real devastating effect of COVID-19 on Iran. While other counties are announcing real and hopeful aspects of controlling the virus, Iran remains the worst country affected by the virus.

Lack of equipment and treatment in Khuzestan’s hospitals

“In Khuzestan hospitals, medical equipment for medical staff, even masks, is not enough,” said a man about the health status of Corona patients in Khuzestan’s hospitals.

“Medical staff could have saved 80 percent of the coronavirus patients from deaths if they had the facilities and equipment. There are not enough intubation devices and oxygen capsules in Khuzestan hospitals. Corona’s special medications and pills are also hoarded and not available to medical staff.

“In Khuzestan, patients whose corona test at the hospital was positive, they are sent home for quarantine, which makes their condition worse at home and they have to go back to the hospital, but the disease has penetrated and their condition has worsened and treatment is not effective and leads to the death of the patient.

“Hospital facilities and equipment are not enough for crisis situations at all and are provided under normal conditions and have many shortcomings in crisis situations. Although the treatment capacity of hospitals is high, due to the mismanagement that has prevailed in most parts of the country, no more than 30% of the treatment capacity of hospitals is used.

“Meanwhile, in addition to the lack of equipment and treatment in hospitals in Khuzestan, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellor for Health also stated, ‘Unfortunately, one person has died in the last 24 hours due to coronavirus, which with this new case, the total number of victims in the province due to coronavirus reached 86 people.’”

Sina Hospital in Tehran and repressive measures by the regime

With the normalization of the conditions of the coronavirus in Iran by the government, even quarantine and separation in hospitals have been abolished. An employee of Sina Hospital in Tehran said: “Now there is a circular to hospitalize all corona patients in the ward and there is no separation.”

He added: “The use of equipment has also been minimized for doctors and nurses. The ideological-political department of the hospital has taken the situation under its control and anyone who protests is fired. In the past week, 10 people have been infected in the hospital, and 30 people have died in this hospital, but only the death certificates of 10 coronavirus patients were issued. Twenty-four hours is the ideological-political department housed in the hospital, and they check if someone is on the phone.

“At Sina Hospital in Tehran, the situation is such that if someone is filming, they interrogate and ask questions, and they take your phone and check it. Hospital staff, in order not to lose their phones, come without a phone to work or do not take out their phones during their shifts. Now the hospital’s control is in the hand of the IRGC and the ideological-political department.”

Fact’s from Tehran’s other hospitals

A hospital staff member of one of Tehran’s hospitals said about the Corona’s prevalence and people’s problems: “Diseases had subsided in late April, but now that the quarantine has ended and traffic has increased, Corona has spread again. Hospital staff now suffer from corona one after another.”

One of the pulmonology professors in Tehran’s hospitals, which is also the center of the coronavirus in Iran, said, “that the second peak would continue until September.

“The death toll has risen. The number of cases has increased, and the government is not announcing the real statistics. It is much more than they say. Many are infected and carrying the virus and have not been identified.

“This is Iran. The government does not care about the people. With the outbreak of corona, the problems of the people who do not belong now, have worsened with the arrival of the virus.

People who are all worried about two loaves of bread and God knows what problems they are struggling with, how to pay for their family.

“How should they stay at home; how much Corona can keep people at home. They come out to prepare two loaves of bread for their wife and children so that they will not be ashamed in front of their families.

“How many, how many days must they be ashamed in front of their families and look in their eyes. Fear of corona and death is for those who have a prosperous life and do not want to die. But for us it makes no difference, we do not care, if we should die because of hunger, let us die of the corona.”


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