The price of basic commodities has risen dramatically over the past few weeks, with the regime desperate to blame international sanctions, but failing spectacularly. This is while the majority of Iran’s population has been pushed below the poverty and misery lines due to the regime’s mismanagement and economic failures.

This has become one of the most important issues for the people, who were impoverished before the coronavirus crisis and are suffering more now. None of whom, by the way, believe that sanctions are the cause for higher prices, as opposed to the incompetence of the regime.

A Week of Prison Riots in Iran 

Of course, the regime hasn’t thought that they might solve the problem by releasing some of the billions of dollars held in Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s many foundations. Instead, they have proposed the creation of a new military headquarters in order to further oppress the Iranian people.

Hossein Salami, Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) said on November 4 that the regime was preparing a headquarters that would have the role of controlling prices and fighting extortion, on the orders of Khamenei. However, the true role of the headquarters would not be combating high prices, but increasing oppression under the pretext of combating high prices.

After all, the cause of increased prices is the regime, no matter who the mullahs try to blame. These oppressive forces will try to turn the people against sellers, but this won’t work. The people know the truth, which is that, as commodities prices over the past few years show, high prices are the result of regime corruption.

Massive Corruption in Iran Regime: Ali Shamkhani

A look at price increases:

  • tomatoes up 291 percent
  • cucumbers 252 percent
  • tomato paste 247 percent
  • lentils 197 percent
  • eggs 186 percent
  • sugar 185 percent
  • chicken 184 percent
  • sugar cubes 177 percent

Meanwhile, the price of meat, rice, tea, and milk have tripled or even quadrupled, while diaper costs have doubled in the last month. Other cost increases included repairs to vehicles.

It is obvious that the regime’s taskforce will do nothing. Their headquarters for “combating Covid-19” and countering “thugs and hooligans” has also been established recently by the regime, but this was actually about increasing repression, justifying a house-to-house search, and making the Iranian people scared of their daily lives.

But it won’t work. The Iranian people will not be intimidated by the mullahs’ oppression. They have lived through 40 years of repression, poverty, and plunder. They saw 30,000 martyrs murdered by the regime in 1988 and thousands more killed every year since. They will never bow down to the regime’s oppression.

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